The Usage of Biometric Systems

The practical use of biometric systems is growing rapidly based on the fact that personal identification is becoming more and more vital. Before we dive into where we can utilize them it is important to understand what biometric systems are. Biometrics is the science of analysing physical or behavioural characteristics specific to each individual in order to be able to authenticate their identity. Biometrics has quickly established itself as the most relevant means of identifying and authenticating individuals in a reliable and fast way, through the use of unique biological characteristics.


Biometric Systems are Used in these Top 5 Instances:

  1. Law Enforcement

Today, biometrics are widely used by law enforcement agencies across the world for the identification of criminals. Biometrics are also used for jail and prison management.


  1. Time and Attendance

A biometric time and attendance system is the automated method of recognizing an employee based on a biological characteristic. The most common biometric features used for employee identification are faces, fingerprints and voice patterns.


  1. Airport Security

Biometric technology to verify passenger identities has been used in several large international airports for a number of years and the technology is quickly spreading to other locations across the globe.


  1. Access Control & Single Sign On

Biometrics is used around the world for home access control, mobile phone access, vehicle access authentication and Single Sign On.


  1. Banking – Transaction Authentication

As global financial entities become more digitally-based, banks are implementing biometric technology to improve customer and employee identity management in an effort to combat fraud, increase transaction security, and enhance customer convenience.